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Change to a more sustainable business model by using
Acorn Green Procurement System 

Are you more environmentally aware today than 5 years ago? 

In 5 years time will you, your family, work colleagues, and clients be more environmentally aware than they are today?

If the answer is YES, you are already making the transition to a more eco-friendly way of life

So what could the reasons be that are slowing down this transition to green? 

It's possible that lack of supplier information makes it very hard to find a new supply chain, this could cause change to be forced upon you and not you managing the changes, none of us want to make rushed decisions. This could result in using the wrong product.  

It's very possible that there is internal pressure on keeping costs down and this is not seen as compatible with going ‘green’ resulting in missing the marketing and sales opportunities of the greener business

Potentially the idea of changing a supply chain is very difficult, after all, you have spent a considerable amount of time and effort building up a reliable number of suppliers. How would picking the wrong supplier reflex on the company

Maybe it is that you just don’t have the time or resources to go out to the market to find green solutions. We need to make time in order to control this transition.

So where would you want to be?

Imagine some of the best young talents want to work with you, how much easier your life would be with a fantastic young team by your side

Just picture the time when your company is considered the industry standard that other companies are trying to emulate. Many companies will now only work with sustainable companies the like of Google, Microsoft and many it is a prerequisite to doing business, and increasingly government departments

Visualise how great you feel personally as the instigator of moving to a more profitable and kinder business model not only helping your colleagues and your family but generations to come

Take a moment to see how that would impact on your worth to the company when it comes wage negotiations or your bonus and the prospects of being head hunted to bring real change to other companies.

Why I say that moving to green is so important to grow your profits

Green companies are attracting better talent, positive PR, and access to more funding. The majority 18 to 34 years, over 60% would prefer to work for an environmentally sustainable business so by not changing we reduce our pool of talent.

Green companies get are attracting more clients resulting in higher profits.

Shannon Diett, VP of marketing at DHL Sustainability is becoming a fundamental element of commercial success’ not just some page that you add to the annual report or send out an email to your clients, or some statement to your website. a fundamental element of commercial success.


Unilever supports this view and states that its portfolio of 26 sustainable brands, grew 46% faster than the rest of its business. So what does that mean that customers like you and me are going to supermarkets such as Tesco, and Sainsbury and making their buying decision based on the environmental criteria of the product, driving sales, market share, and new customers.

Every solution needed  already exists, you just need where to look

So why move to green now?

Your competition has probably already started working on becoming greener

HSBC’s Made for the Future report almost 50% of UK companies are planning to increase their environment-related spending

HSBC Logo_edited.jpg

Don’t be on the wrong side of history, Nokia could see no future in smartphones, it was just a fad, they went from being the largest phone manufacturer to not making phones in less than 10 years, in there defense they had no way of knowing where the market was heading. In the sustainable sector, we do! so no excuse for our generation.  


Barclays recently revealed that 75% of UK businesses are benefiting commercially after going green. It is becoming evident that investing in green, sustainable measures is not just an ethical decision but also a profitable one. Although implementing green infrastructure can be costly the costs can be more than offset by the economic benefits.


ESG are changing in the law that are changing the way we will have to conduct our business and the penalties none compliance are far-reaching

Moving to green is not a complicated or painful prosses anymore. You just need to know where to look. It can be as easy or as complicated as you which to make it. the good news is we don’t have make the transition all in one go, moving to green is about small incremental changes carried out over a period of time.

So how do we achieve this Moving to green?

We make it easy to find and implement green solutions that help you make an immediate and measurable impact towards achieving your sustainability objectives. Our global marketplace connects companies who develop and sell sustainable technologies, products, and services with the companies who need them. We have one single-minded goal - to help organisations accelerate the change to a more sustainable business model.

Whether you want to reduce single use plastics, harness renewable energy, source green building materials, achieve zero waste or reduce your carbon emissions, we can connect you with the right solution from our ever-expanding database of more than 45,000 products. We will integrate and partner with your procurement and operations teams to develop customised and dynamic product listings, featuring images, geographic relevance, green certifications, minimum order quantity, pricing and the contact details of green suppliers. Supported by a dedicated team of researchers, we work with you to uncover green solutions whilst empowering your team to make the changes required to achieve your sustainability goals.

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