Stand Out from the Crowd

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to reduce the environmental impact with ISO 14001

  • There are over 300,000 corporates and SME’s accredited worldwide and the benefits are measurable.


  • 84% of purchasers would rather buy from eco-friendly companies.


  • Employees want to work for eco-friendly companies.

  • A green workplace attracts talent and results in higher productivity and less sick days.

  • ISO 14001 will enhance your brand and corporate image, positioning you with the world’s most sustainable companies.


  • Green accreditation will enable you to do good for the planet. It’s the right thing to do.

Edenark ISO 14001 standard is designed for smaller businesses (SME’s) and recognises that SMEs are not large corporates and do not need the same level of consulting or implementation requirements as larger companies do, but that SME’s still need environmental management systems in place. SME’s are the largest sector of industries and across the world are employing more people than any other sector. As a result, the Edenark ISO 14001 Standard for environmental management is now affordable for most companies.


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Our goal at Zureli is to help organisations to become more sustainable with companies committing to a policy that help their staff to enjoy a healthier and eco-friendly workplace and the company to reduce their carbon footprint and costs and reap the commercial and marketing benefits of embarking on the road of sustainability, the ISO 14001 certification gives public recognition to these companies.