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As we are based in Sri Lanka we know and understand how much value the workforce can bring to a company while maintaining the level of flexibility that is needed in today's world.

Zureli helps organisations source the products, services and solutions needed to lower their carbon footprint

The pressure on businesses to adopt green solutions has never been greater as investors, clients, employees as well as the general public are demanding a more sustainable way of life.

Adopting Eco-friendly products, services and sustainable technology is now a priority of most companies.

We work along side your procurement team

We have one of the largest databases of sustainable products and services anywhere in the world

We hold monthly online meetings with you to understand your needs, set goals and present new ideas

For Companies
For Hotels

Rate Card for Outsourcing

Data Logging

Keep your CRM up to date

Load up social media contacts

7 USD per hour


Need to find green solutions for your business?

9 USD per hour

Social Media

Social media profile is a key component of any business  

10 USD per hour


Creating videos 

email blasting 

10 USD per hour

Minimum 25 hours per month

Outsourcing can have a very positive impact on growing your business while keeping overheads in control  

Emmanuel Macron: 'Never has science around the world been so abundant to meet the challenges that we have.'

Zureli International Pvt Ltd
Sri Lanka
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'Together let's help the world go green'