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Simple and easy steps to improve recycling

It is a known fact that recycling is a great way to be environmentally friendly and get rid of waste in a manner that is responsible. Here are some useful tips on how to improve your recycling.

Embrace the 3 R’s, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle - Reducing certain items that need recycling is a good way to reduce your recycling load. Simply start by carrying a reusable glass or plastic water bottle, carry reusable bags to the supermarket, use reusable diapers, and buy more products packaged in paper rather than plastic or glass. Another good way to reuse your recyclables is to repurpose them. For instance, if you have empty glass jars, use them in the kitchen to store your spices and condiments instead of disposing them away.

Be educated with what you can and can’t recycle – Make sure that you are well aware of the recycling rules in your area and that you follow these guidelines when recycling. Know what products can be recycled and avoid buying products that say that they are recycled but those that cause more harm from the recycling process.

Go green, buy recycled – The recycling movement will only work if consumers choose recycled items over the items that are not, simply contribute by choosing recycled and supporting recycled products.

Encourage the local artists/craft workers – If you know of someone that uses recycled materials, provide them with items that they can use in their next art project. If you have a child who gets involved in art projects, look at encouraging them to use recycled materials instead of new ones. After all, it is our duty to educate the future generation of the importance of recycling and going green.

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