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Modern Architecture

Property Management - FM

At some point in the next few years, all buildings will be green, we can either plan for this change or have change forced on us, 

Clients, Staff, and Investors are demanding buildings and offices go green and many clients will now only use green buildings 

ACORN  Procurement System helps maintenance professionals find a greener supply chain, this happens in days not months

We would be delighted to show you how the system works and see if it would be useful to you.

The cost of green products do not have to have to damage your operating margins.

Shortage of time to carry out the research needed can be another reason for a slower transition to a greener hotel

Locating a new supply chain can come with a risk, as making the wrong decision can have huge repercussions on profits and on the smooth running of the hotel.

There are many good reasons the transition to green can be slower for SMEs than large corporate organisations

Lack of product information can be one of the reasons it slow to change

ACORN can address these concerns in a cost-effective manner and adds great benefits to your business -
Contact us to see if Zureli is right for you

Going green will achieve positive results  

An increase in the number of clients - Many organisations only use green buildings

Reduced running costs - Reduced waste and utilities save money

Higher occupancy - Results in higher rentable and sales values

Expand your talent pool with better quality staff - Most young people want to work for sustainable companies

Zureli makes it easy to find and implement green solutions that help you make an immediate and measurable impact towards achieving your sustainable objectives.

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