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Oil companies to plant a tree for every barrel of oil

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In a landmark move the world’s oil companies will now plant a tree for each and every barrel of oil they produce, Mr Andy Oak the head of the oil consortium 'Pump it all' said: it is the least we can do as an industry, having made billions over the years, it's payback time.

Based on 2019 numbers, that is 95,200,000 trees per day or 34,748,000,000 trees per year.

A spokesperson for the organisation ‘About Bloody Time’ who acts for the person in the street said: This is fantastic news, its about bloody time!

The cost of the idea is well within the price swings of oil over the last few years, which have gone from over 110$ a barrel in 2011 to less than 30$ in 2016, so a 1$ here or there will make no difference to the oil companies profits said Annette Curtain, the head partner of ‘Dollar and Dollar Investments’ based in London. She went on to say that a tree can cost as little as 10cents.

The heads of most governments are behind this initiative, at least when they are campaigning for re-election.

Zureli Editorial warning: We can guarantee this is Fake news, but if you think it is a good idea then share it with your friends and like the post, who knows we might we get some action rather than talk!

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