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Buyers can find it difficult to find green solutions.

Suppliers find it hard to find buyers.


Zureli, the simpler way to list and to find solutions.

Over 5.1 Million buyers have viewed Zureli.

Join the 4,400 of companies benefiting from a Free listing.

If you have a solution that can help address climate change then add them to Zureli and ' Be Seen for Being Green'.



 84%  of the population would like to buy green products or services

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Add your products and services to the 35,000 already on the site.

Add your company and product information for free to Zureli.com, if the solutions are helping with sustainability

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It's easy, tell us the market you are after and the country and we will send your information to those buyers.

Spotlight Green is an on-line product catalogue / EDM targeted towards specific industries. You can showcase your products and services to buyers with this monthly digital publication.

Our database of buyers is now over 45,000 and as a supplier of green solutions you can access this database and grow your sales.

Direct Marketing

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Max 10 products per publication

Max 2 products per company

Max 1 edition per month

No competing products

Advertise with Zureli

Homepage Ads


Advertise on the Zureli.green home page. Zureli currently has over 4,500 views per day. This section is ideal for products & services since it provides visibility to anyone visiting the website.


If you would like to understand the cost involved then please fill out this enquiry form  

If you would like to understand the cost involved then please fill out this enquiry form  

Zureli Pavilions


If you are looking to expand your market or looking for new markets, then joining one of our pavilions within a trade show could be the way to go and keep the costs manageable. 

Zureli Green Pavilion is an open plan area within a trade show that promotes green products, services and sustainable technology. We exhibit a maximum of 15 companies and each company can exhibit with a ‘Pop-up’ display.

If you would like to find out which shows we are attending please fill out the form.  

By creating an informal sales area with multiple companies, we attract a more diverse cross-section of delegates than an individual booth would. The booth incorporates a relaxed seating area, TV displays, coffee and snacks to encourage people to stay and chat.